The significance of bauhaus in architecture and interior design essay

Can you even imagine a home filled only with antiques? The impact that Bauhaus had was seismic.

Bauhaus and Its Influence on Modern Design

I wonder, what would New York be without its towering steel and glass sky scrapers or for that matter, any American city? In Gropius left the Bauhaus to pursue architectural projects and just one year later Mayer took over as director.

They affected everything from black, white and grey color schemes with a lone red or yellow wall, to fonts, to the tallest buildings in America. Students were taught the value of an interdisciplinary tutelage, at the time a radical idea but now the basis for any education in the Arts.

Bauhaus Interior Design

They sought to let design be led by the function of a building or e. In keeping with his theme he managed to procure the talents of artists such as Paul KleeVassily KandinskyLaszlo Moholy-Nagyand Oskar Schlemmer just to name a few and gave them important positions within the school ensuring that all divisions of art received equal consideration and respect.

He also forced the resignation of Marcel Breuer, Herbert Bayer and others before he got in trouble with the authorities for his left leanings and was forced to leave himself.

Bauhaus College in Dessau, Germany Even though the design influences of the school are clearly architectural, the school did not actually have an architecture department. This was a huge shift from other products that were on the market at the time, which were often very ornate and expensive.

Designers of this era saw no conflict in manipulating negative space or volume to effect a pleasing aesthetic outcome. Johannes Itten Itten was fascinated by the use of color in artistic works and architecture and was responsible for the focus on using the three primary colors, black and white.

In fact, they equated exposed structural elements with integrity and rationality and further saw the reduction of superfluous elements as a way to cut expenses creating egalitarian designs. Though the ornamentation was left behind, style was not. He only held on to the position for two years but in that time managed to change the focus of the school from multi-disciplinary to architecture and industrial design.

In short, though brilliant he was not Gropius, and without Gropius in the current political climate the Bauhaus could not survive.

Indeed, most of them immigrated to the States where through their own ideas and the ideas of those they inspired, they changed the landscape of its greatest cities both inside and out.

The Bauhaus also aimed to expand their influence by designing many household items, such as clocks, kitchenware, and furniture. In Bauhaus laboratories prototypes for all sorts of items from lamps to chairs were created for mass production.

In doing so they broke design down to its purist form and relished in displaying the structure of their designs. It was closed by the Nazis in who objected to what they called its Bolshevik tendencies. The Bauhaus School in Dessau Bauhaus Legacy The bauhaus, a boiling pot producing iconic designers and ideas at a furious pace, was built as a reaction to the times.

They all had diverse backgrounds and therefore taught each module from a different perspective, meaning that the courses were all well-defined and comprehensive. Though it was shut down by the Nazi regime, the artists who had been a part of this unique experiment were forever changed and they brought their new frame of reference with them to their new homes as they scattered across Europe and the United States.

In just fourteen years of existence Bauhaus forever changed our views on design. It was also at this time that Gropius made the progressive move of appointing gifted students such as Marcel Breuer whose work with tubular steel revolutionized furniture forms and Marianne Brandt whose leadership in the metal department resulted in the schools most profitable division, as tutors.

Bauhaus masters and students were beyond prolific and experimental, clearing the path for modern expressionism. The common theme with all of the products that were designed is that they could be easily mass produced, and were therefore relatively simplistic in their appearance.

Because of this they were particularly open to using new materials in order to reinterpret historical forms and surfaces. Key People Throughout the time that the Bauhaus Design School operated, the professors that were employed were all well respected in their own fields, whether that be architecture, design or art.

The school was originally based in the Weimar Republic untilthen moved to Dessau until and then in the final few months of its existence it was based in Berlin, the capital of Germany.architecture, graphic design, interior design, fashion design and design education.

Up until now, Bauhaus ideal has al- ways been a controversial focus that plays a crucial role in. The best Bauhaus architecture and design news including a Bauhaus retrospective exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum.

Colourful cabinetry offsets white interior of Bauhaus-era apartment in. The Significance of Bauhaus in Architecture and Interior Design. The Bauhaus has been significantly linked to modernism and the modern architectural and interior design because of its role in this particular artistic development in these two important fields (architecture and interior design).

Bauhaus or to give it it's full name of Staatliches Bauhaus is actually the name of the design school that taught the famous style of design and architecture. The term Bauhaus comes from the art school in Germany founded in by Walter Gropius, where this type of style and design was taught.

We will write a custom essay sample on Bauhaus Interior Design. The Bauhaus, founded in by the architect, Walter Gropius (), in Weimar, Germany began with a utopian mission; it was to be “the building of the future combine architecture, sculpture and painting in a single form to one day rise toward the heavens from the hands of a million.

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The significance of bauhaus in architecture and interior design essay
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