How to write a test script in qtp

While creating your test, you can insert checkpoints. We will have to write in descriptive or use wshell scripting. Enhancing Your Test You can use a variety of options to enhance your existing tests.

A checkpoint compares the value of an element captured when the object was saved in the object repository, with the value of the same element captured during the run session. Recording can be useful when you need to quickly create a test that tests the basic functionality of an application or feature, but does not require long-term maintenance.

Actions You can divide your test into actions to streamline the testing process of your application. This will not only make your code look neater but also make your scripts perform better.

Must not exceed characters. In this article, we would execute a very basic VBScript program which displays some text in a message box.

Using keyword-driven testing, you can begin to develop tests for a new product or feature earlier in the development cycle.

VB Script and QTP – Part1

By incorporating technical operations, such as a synchronization statement that waits for client-server communications to finish, into higher level keywords, tests are easier to read and easier for less technical application testers to maintain when the application changes.

Parameterization You can parameterize your test to replace fixed values with values from an external source during your run session. Assigning Values to Variables Values are assigned to variables creating an expression as follows: This is important because once you are clear with this concept, you can write your own scripts and thus practice the different concepts that will be covered in the remaining articles of QTP VBScript Tutorials series.

QTP - Automated Testing Process

Must begin with an alphabetic character. That is not generally a good practice because you could misspell the variable name in one or more places, causing unexpected results when your script is run. If you are connected to QualityCenter Although this makes it easier to create tests quickly, such tests are harder to maintain when the application changes and often require re-recording large parts of the test.

Chirag Holy Grail for the Beginner writing the very first Script……. This usually results in well-planned and better-structured tests, which also results in easier long-term maintenance.

Deciding Which Methodology to Use - Keyword-Driven or Recording You can create the steps in your tests using the keyword-driven methodology, recording, or a combination of both. Exist 10 Here QTP will wait maximum till 10 seconds and if it finds the object in say 3 secondsit will resume the execution immediately thereby saving your precious time.Using file system object we can interact with drive, folder and files, for interaction with object provides the way of access with in object and we.

This post refers to a thought provoking question which was asked on QTP this query [email protected] is looking for ways to optimize UFT/QTP scripts for best performance. As you are aware, we use automated testing tools to optimize our testing process.

i want to know that whats the best way to write an automation script in QTP. i am a 3+ yrs experence in manual testing but want to upgrade my skill in automation. i also done automation course but not clear, so am totaly scared about to write a script. I am experimenting with using QTP for some webapp ui automation testing and I was wondering how people usually write their QTP tests.

Do you use the object map, descriptive programming, a combinat. Hi, as Anshoo stated, qtp is based on vbscript.

When you state Test Script Language are you hinting at the kind of scripting used in winrunner? incase yes, it would be difficult to implement the same in qtp as it is basically based on vbscript and more oriented towards event-driven and object oriented programming concepts.

QTP - How to write QTP results to a text file or an Excel file? I need to write the QTP results to a text file or an Excel file as i dont want to see the results in QTP results Can anybody provide the exact code for itUrgent. 6 Answers are available for this question.

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How to write a test script in qtp
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